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 blower motor resistor

Blower Motor Resistor   

It is not uncommon for the blower motor resistor to need to be replaced in cars these days. Because of the relative ease of installing the blower motor resistor, many people choose to do this install work on their own, to eliminate the cost of the local repair shop. 




Blower Motor Resistors

Modern vehicles and cars are available with several advanced features that help them to function for various purposes. A blower motor resistor is an instrument which regulates the temperatures of heating and cooling conditions in a vehicle.  

blower motor 

A blower motor resistor determines the speed of the fan in the car. A particular type of resistor wire works with varied number of wires to control the working condition of different fan speeds. The second type of wire induces the usage of a single resistance in the printer circuit board to work as the function of an integrated circuit. Usually both the types of devices are fitted in the same location for a spontaneous use. 

The initial machine benefitting from the use of several wires is mounted and riveted on a non-conductive plate so as to avoid the conduction of heat from the vehicle resistors. But the second resistor with different resistances is mounted on a plastic base plate because it does not convey heat in a large amount.

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How to Install a Blower Motor Resistor 

blower motor resistor 

The process of installing a blower motor resistor involves the guidance of some crucial steps. First of all, a plug or an electrical connector is connected to five or six wires according to the response by the control panel in the vehicle. 


Secondly, thorough checking and analyzing the capacity of the blower motor resistor has to be done. Generally the fan control speed may vary from one point to another, therefore the speed and velocity of the fan must be checked from all directions and points. At times when the fan in the vehicle stops functioning or slows down then the fuses must be checked to avoid confusion. 

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blower motor resistors 

A power of 20 volts is required to maintain a direct circuit in a working order, parts like relays and other important components must be determined to check the capacity of the fuse. Voltage is essential for all devices, therefore if the availability of power is traced at one end then you should replace the blower motor resistor but if both the terminals relay equal power then the blower motor should be replaced.  

Therefore, installing the blower motor resistor is crucial for the operational efficiency of the vehicle.  




Blower motor resistors are readily available online at Amazon and other retailers, from manufacturers such as AC Delco and Standard Motor Products, and they serve a variety of vehicle brands. A blower motor resistor typically costs between around $10 - $100.

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